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EBC BECWG Webinar: Net/Nearly Zero Energy Buildings - Shared screen with speaker view
Jaap Hogeling
https://epb.center/documents/short-video-exported-energy-explained/ this an interesting link on how we handle the issue on exported energy in ISO 52000 series of EPB stnadards
Jaap Hogeling
Adam, in your presentation you refer to the Energy Performance declaration in various terms from NZEB to ZC etc.. You gave a clear insight in a the different definitions and where they are used. What to say regarding the assessment procedures on which these EP declarations are based. Do you only refer to the codes, the requirements by national or regional legislation, or also to the underlaying assessment procedures?
Adam Hinge
Jaap. thank you for raising this issue. There is a wide variation about the level of detail in different policies and initiatives, and we generally had referred to the specific codes, and not the underlying assessment procedures. You are correct in stating that it is important to understand both for real comparison.
Michael Rosenberg
Are these presentations available?
Sharnel Conrick
Hi Michael, the presentations will be shared with all registered participants.
Stanford Harrison
Hi All, we will be running overtime and may have only one question. If you can’t stay, we will be sending the link to the recording to all registrants. Thanks
Sharnel Conrick
While national policies play key roles in promoting net zero energy buildings, subnational governments may have an important role in factoring in local elements, raising public awareness and leveraging authorities over building permits and public building procurement. What are the role of subnational governments in your country’s efforts toward net zero energy buildings? Are there specific challenges related to policy coordination across the levels of government?
Cynthia Jolley-Rogers
Can you please distribute all questions and answers to the whole group?
Atsuhito Oshima
Thank you, Alex, Vincenzo, Jodie and Adam for answering questions! Very clear and insightful. Atsuhito Oshima
Yuxiang Chen
Indeed. Take care, everyone.
Benoit LEBOT
Well done Stanford, Adam & Al!
David Nemtzow
RE: last question https://www.energycodes.gov/status-state-energy-code-adoption
David Nemtzow
Thx excellent webinar