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Building Energy Issues and the COVID-19 Response - Shared screen with speaker view
Alison Delgado
Welcome everyone! For those of you joining us late, please add your questions to the chat box. We will address your questions at the end of the webinar. We also ask that you please keep your mics on mute. Thank you!
Duncan Hill
This is a very good summary of what we have been hearing from REHVA, ASHRAE and academia. Guidelines for building operators will be needed - before, during and after pandemics. There will also be a need to couple HVAC interventions with physical barriers between spaces via compartmentalization - especially in multi-unit residential buildings where HVAC systems typically operate at much lower flow rates than commercial and institutional buildings. Thanks very much for the presentations. Lets keep the conversation going....and helpful evidence-based outputs coming.
Andreas Athienitis
Increasing fresh air (but at low cost, eg with solar air heating), and natural/hybrid ventilation, reduced recirculation, are all obvious solutions to reduce concentration of viruses
Atsuhito Oshima
Thank you very much for this very useful webinar. With regard to the fiscal stimulus in recovery from COVID-19 crisis, I agree with Paul that energy efficiency retrofits could deliver both short-time economic impacts (e.g. job creation, multiplier effect) and long-term environmental benefits (e.g. reduced energy use). What do you think are effective policy options to promote mass customization of retrofits?
Meli Stylianou
Thank you to the organizers! Excellent webinar.
Chris McLellan
Thank you, excellent info.
Alison Delgado
Thank you for joining us!
Michael Oppermann
Thank you all for a most informative webinar!