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Seminar: Shen/Somerville - Shared screen with speaker view
Eliezer Chaim Kraiman
Are they trying to support their own faculty by having these school requirments?
William Jay Spargo
excellent seminar and discussion. a very real issue. needs more attention.
Eliezer Chaim Kraiman
Also students can get credit for calc I and II in high school via AP credits, and this gives them more room to take other classes in college, so this could be another issue, that a lot of the students already have these credits before going to college
Ross J. Salawitch
For AOSC, perhaps incorporating numerous chapters from the Climate Mathematics book into our 400 level classes would be a way forward. Or, a new "bridge" ones semester, 300 level class, focused on the most important aspects of the book.
Jeff Henrikson
Thumbs up Julia!
William Jay Spargo
Ross - Sounds like a practical approach that can be implemented "quickly" and then evaluated.
Tim Canty
I have two copies!
Joseph Alan Knisely
What are your thoughts on different exam formats? E.g. classic format vs. open-note vs. take-home, or no exams at all?