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EBC BECWG Webinar: Changing Business-as-Usual: Changes in Building Code Inspections and Diagnostics - Shared screen with speaker view
Carlos Flores
I think we lost Jeremy, or is it just me?
Judy Zakreski
ICC resources for remote inspection can be found here: https://www.iccsafe.org/advocacy/coronavirus-response-center/virtual
Eric Werling
Carlos, how has shifting to remote auditing affected accuracy and uncertainty of your building performance data?
Malcolm Orme
Carlos, are energy end-use data available to show which services systems are being well-controlled during partial occupancy, and which aren't?
Jaap Hogeling
why less capacity if there are less people in the buildings
Jaap Hogeling
COVID third infection route is aerosoles, to reduse infection risk it is advised to keep the ventilation at the highest possible level and avoid any recirculation without HEPA filter use
Chun Ping Gao
some studies suggest the decrease of energy during covid is similar to the decrease of energy consumption during weekends. do you see this trend in your data?
Carlos Flores
Hey Malcolm, long time no see! Unfortunately not that I know of, but I'll check with some stakeholders and let you know
Jeremy Williams
Great questions. We’ll circle back to all that we can during the Q&A. Keep them coming!
Carlos Flores
See you, everyone. Thanks to David, Alison, Malcolm and the DoE + EBC crew for the invite! :)
david Nemtzow
Valarie: thanks, very interesting and you were ahead of the times. When you say that the City might allow photos, does that mean instead of video, or only in addition to video? If instead of video, what factors gave the City/inspectors comfort that a situation was appropriate for photos-only?
Karen Daniels
Can the participants get the slides after the session?
Alison Delgado
Yes. We will post them to the EBC website, along with the recording. Thank you!
Michael Donn
if the state was locked down, I presume new building work was not happening. what was being inspected? annual certifications?
Michael Donn
Eric Werling
Valerie, I would expect increased errors at 50 inspections per day (maybe a significant increase?). How have your QA processes had to change in the new normal?
valarie evans
My apologies, I have to get to a meeting. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.