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Fall 2021 Seminar Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Lovepreet Singh
Please post questions for Dr Westbrook in chat if any..
Elin & Haohao
foraged some American chestnuts recently, how do you recommend germinating them?
have you considered using mutagenesis to aid breeding?
Is it feasible to clone promising individuals through grafting or micropropagation?
Yiping Qi
Jared, thanks for the excellent restoration work by your foundation. I think GM approach is promising especially if we can stack multiple resistance genes for different diseases, but I have questions on the specifics. Does the transgene cassette in Darling 58 still contain an antibiotic gene for selection during tissue culture like Kanamycin, right? If so, would it post a regulatory problem given the fear on horizonal gene transfer? Ideally, you only want to have the target transgene, e.g., oxalate oxidase, (not any antibiotic or herbicide selection gene) in the tree.
Casie Curry
Amazing presentation! Have any differences in ecology been found with the transgenic chestnut trees?
Andrea Ottesen
Wonderful talk - thanks! Wow - what a journey! They clearly have the right man leading this!
Shunyuan Xiao
Nice talk!. It seems to me that making use of transgenic chestnut expressing the wheat oxalate oxidase for restoring the American chestnut is more realistic, given the genetic complexity of the resistance from Chinese chestnut. What is prospect or the status quo for deploying GMO American Chestnut in the USA?
Bradley Simpson
Thank you so much! I work for a local environmental organization, Audubon Naturalist Society, and I have some of the hybrids planted at our sanctuary. A few are doing very well! Though the cicadas really got to them…
Nidhi Rawat
Great talk Jared!! I think involving the general public in planting, spreading and maintaining a big chestnut planting project may help for bringing the chestnut trees in our forest ecosystems back! What is the general public's involvement currently in Chestnut foundation's operations??
re: mutagenesis, was mainly interested in if untargeted mutagenesis can help develop different varieties adapted to portions of the historic range.
Macarena Patricia Farcuh
Thanks Jared for the great talk! Impressive work you are doing!
Adam William Schoen
Very fascinating work Dr. Westbrook. The way that you look at your work benefiting future generations rather than our current generation is inspiring!
Vijay Tiwari
How about using speed breeding to reduce the flowering time?
Thanks, Jared! Great talk.