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Gravity Theory Zoominar - Shared screen with speaker view
Pranav Pulakkat(Attendee,he/him/his)
On the question of including different topologies in the gravity path integral, this seems similar to asking whether or not you should include nontrivial bundle topologies when doing the path integral for normal gauge theory on a spatially compact manifold. Is there a known rule that applies in that case?
Pranav Pulakkat(Attendee,he/him/his)
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Pranav Pulakkat(Attendee,he/him/his)
Ok, thanks. I'm a bit confused by this because it seems like in a Euclidean path integral, you should sum over all topologies by this reason of locality, but when it comes to asking about transition amplitudes, there shouldn't be trajectories transitioning between different bundles, so in computing things like S-matrix elements instead of thermodynamics, is the situation different?
Peter Shawhan
Thanks for a stimulating talk!